• Speed Radar Sign

Speed Radar Sign

  • Brand   ewig
  • Type   CSP-111

speed radar sign

1 display mode: 3-digit LED display(optionally)
2 power supply:90-220V
3 working voltage:12V ,working current:<1.5A , measurement range from:1-199km/h
   LED size is 70x36 cm,  frame size is 90x70x24 cm.
4 speed limit display:display for the green Numbers within safe speed and red Numbers
   if speed limit is exceeded. 
5 application:urban rapid road,highway,Suburban cables,speed limit road such as 
   Authority & universities.
6 for three or four lanes at the same time.。

LED display feature:

LED:5mm diameter,lifetime: one hundred thousand hours

LED color:red & green,the brightness of single red lamp: 6000-8000mcd , angle 25°

                                             the brightness of single green lamp: 13000-15000mcd,angle 35°  

Display uses 7 yards of paragraphs, each stroke period of red and green leds 30, high brightness which can be clearly seen from 1000 meters.