About us

Hangzhou  Lailai  Technology Co., Ltd  is a high-tech enterprise that can manufacture and sell the Hand-hold Speed Tester, Fixed Radar Speed Tester, Mobile Electronic Police, Alcohol Tester, Through-wall Radar and Other  Detect  Traffic  Safety  Products.

Since the company set up, we consider the development of high and new technology as the foundation and the concept of leading international research and development as the target. Our goal is to provide professional products and services for the public security traffic management departments and units, schools, factory wharf and other enterprises and institutions .

Our company has strong technical background and research and development strength. As for engaging in intelligent transportation system construction, we have accumulated rich experience. With sharp market insights, we can understand and follow the international advanced technology and concept in time. Combining with the development of our country, we have introduced a high quality intelligent transportation products and systems, including Dirk Speedometer Series, Dr Series and Tracer Series of Hand-held Velocimeter, Radar and Low Speed Tester and Electronic Police Series.