radar speed display capture illegal vehicles

Yesterday, the city traffic control department carried on a special massive campaign aiming at the characteristics of some expressway, state highway speeding illegal prominent. Beijing Tianjin Tong Expressway maximum speed limit of 110 km / h,becasue vehicles passed so many every day, in addition to setting up a number of fixed radar speed meter, the flow velocity measuring instrument is also added in the section of the accident prone section, at least 6 hours per day flow velocity measurement.

There is a flow speed point in the Beijing Tianjin Tong high-speed 120 kilometers.There are 4 lines in the section, wide road, good field of vision, the driver is prone to speeding illegally when driving. About 10 am yesterday morning,a “Ji” passenger car was captured by the handheld speed measuring instrument at first,after processing the images, the display showed that its speed was 132 kilometers/h when the car passed the road,which is exceeding the law 20%.Then, a small passenger car with” Beijing P” license and one with "green D" license are  captured by the flow velocimetry because of speeding. Video traffic police said that the mobile handheld anemometer is very sensitive, it can not only capture the moment to the vehicle overspeed illegal, also can clearly record the information of the vehicle through effective bayonet.

The majority of speeding vehicles are field license on the highway, in which, in addition to a small number of tourist buses, the majority of high-end passenger cars. Take the Beijing Tianjin Tong expressway as an example, daily morning and evening peak and holidays are the high incidence period of speeding illegal,during the holiday period from 10 am to 12 pm, a mobile point can record more than 20. Traffic police, the Beijing Tianjin Tang brigade chief told reporters, these illegal field drivers generally have a chance to get away with it,who feel that they are field license,illegal in other provinces and cities will not be “caught”, even will not be punished. Therefore, they often drove very hard, a foot throttle down, regardless of the speed limit. At present, the country has the network of illegal systems, as long as break the law, wherever the car can not escape.

Because the traffic flow is large and the speed is faster on the highway, on the highway speeding violations punishment is mainly by non scene punishment in the form of video, including fixed radar velocity measurement and flow velocity measurement with police, according to " the law on road traffic safety", the speeding more than 20% but lower than 50% will be fined 200 yuan, more than 50% of speeding is a fine of 1800 yuan, and the suspension of driving license.

High speed traffic police said that the current investigation and handling of the highway speeding is mainly about speeding 20%.Fixed video illegal evidence, they will notice to traffic violation penalties in the form of mail related offenders, and for foreign offenders, they will be through the transfer mechanism, the illegal information transfer to illegal vehicle registration is located, and then be punished by the local law enforcement departments.