Tianjin traffic control department to carry out remediation special action

 Tianjin traffic control department to carry out remediation "three speeding one fatigue" special action. Recently, the traffic control department implemented the concentrated action about the renovation of “three speeding one fatigue” thorough investigation of the illegal traffic speeding and fatigue driving in Beijing, Tianjin Tong and other highways . Yesterday, the traffic control department at the maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour Beijing Tianjing Tong Expressway 120 kilometers added the flow velocity point for thorough investigating the illegal traffic overspeed.At 10,the first “J”passenger car is captured speeding by the handheld velocimeter at first. Images showed that the speed of car passing the road is 132 kilometers per hour, speeding 20%. Speed traffic police on duty said that the road has 4 lanes, wide roads, a good line of sight, which is prone to speeding traffic violations. Beijing Tianjin Tong Expressway set up multiple fixed radar speed display, part of roads which is prone to traffic accidents added flow speed, the flow velocity is at least 6 hours a day,it can instantly capture vehicles speeding traffic violations. Deputy battalion of the traffic police Jing Jin Tong brigade Bu Zhanming said, the majority of speeding vehicles are field license on the highway, in which, in addition to a small number of tourist buses, the majority of high-end passenger cars. Especially holidays are speeding traffic violations, a mobile point can record more than 20 in two hours. The majority of speeding vehicles are field license on the highway,because drivers exist trar is to accept the punishment. Because the traffic flow is large and the speed is faster ousting to luck,they think the field cars traffic violation shall not be punished in Tianjin. At present, the country has the network of illegal systems, as long as break the law, wherever the cn the highway, punishing speeding traffic violations is mainly by non scene punishment in the form of video, including fixed radar speed display and flow velocity measurement with police. High speed traffic police said that the current investigation and handling of the highway speeding is mainly about speeding 20%.Fixed video illegal evidence, they will notice to traffic violation penalties in the form of mail related offenders, and for foreign offenders, they will be through the transfer mechanism, the illegal information transfer to illegal vehicle registration is located, and then be punished by the local law enforcement departments.